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For CEO’s, Business Owners, Salespeople, Teachers, Lawyers, Professional Speakers & Politicians

The ability to persuade determines our financial success. In fact, everything in life is about vocal presentation.

We connect with people, get hired, teach, and close deals based on the effective use and clarity of our voice. Whether you’re a teacher, receptionist, lawyer, salesperson, politician, program coordinator, CEO, team leader, doctor, negotiaging or interviewing, it is our voice that carries our ideas to people. Success is a voice driven activity and Dan Balestrero can give you the vocal tools to achieve it.

Rapport with people isn’t magic, it is composed of certain elements in a person’s presentation. Are you ever frustrated because the training you’ve had doesn’t give you the results you want? Whether the training works or not depends entirely on delivery. The secrets for achieving your ambitions are contained in your own voice. All of success in business and personal relationships depends on your tone of voice. Think how often our entire day has been changed by how someone spoke to us.

Success is a vocal skill that you can develop. Get the edge you need to maximize your income and achieve your goals. Learn why over 90 percent of all communication has nothing to do with the words you’re speaking. Find out how mastering your tone of voice can give you The Power To Persuade that can change your life.

None of it is magic. It’s common sense that if you develop your voice and perfect your delivery, you can increase the effectiveness of your presentation and have the power to persuade that will give you the edge you need for greater success.

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Communication and Leadership Skills, Presentation and Sales Coaching

We have entered a great new age where communication is dependent upon our ability to connect, and our ability to connect depends on what we decide to say and our manner of delivery. This is the result of the intensity of the information age. We cannot rely solely on the fact that we have the authority or the answer. We must have the ability to organize and personalize thoughts in order to be heard and understood. This has become of paramount importance in, corporations, hospitals, organizations and all of the service industries. How we communicate with our voices and how we organize ideas has never been as important as it is today. Our voice is the engine that carries our thoughts to people. Our voice and presentation is the point of first contact.

For instance, many people prepare the same presentation and are not as successful as others. What is the key? What is missing when the words are the same for two people but the results are dramatically different? Don’t you wonder what causes this unexplained difference? Would you like to be able to close the gap?

Lots of people have great professional knowledge, and yet they are not as successful and effective in communicating as they want to be. So, how do we communicate clearly and make our skill and knowledge accessible to staff, employees and clients? The answer is to learn how to prioritize our ideas more effectively and then coordinate the ideas with our delivery. This greatly reduces misunderstandings, and makes our knowledge and expertise more accessible.

The ability to persuade determines our financial success. Everything in life is about presentation; we connect with people based on how well we do it. Dan Balestrero has developed a revolutionary way to develop this process in the professional and corporate world that can bring unlimited success. Would you like to take your leadership and professional abilities to a whole new level? Successful communication with people isn’t magic, it is composed of specific elements in how content is organized and delivered.

Tone of voice and presentation has a unique relationship with success in any profession. Success is the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively. Developing your presentation skills requires a command over color, shading, cadence, timing, and a complete awareness of the tone of voice we’re using. We experience the tip of the iceberg when someone says “Don’t take that tone of voice with me”. Tone of voice is always present, either working for us or against us. Dan’s Power To Persuade techniques create the ability to use all of these qualities in a natural way to achieve our goals when speaking, teaching, selling, leading or negotiating. Our success depends on our command of the harmonic language that accompanies all speaking. You’ve heard the old phrase, “The meaning is never just in the words”.

Imagine spending far less time clearing up misunderstandings and fewer frustrating meetings. Consider the increased productivity from maximizing your time with more effective communication. Mastering your delivery can do this for you. Imagine being so sure of your presentation that you hear a new clarity of thought from the sound of your own voice? This is the nature of true leadership. The confidence and natural poise that develops when a person is sure of their content, voice and presentation can be a powerful experience. Some seem born with it while others have to learn. Everything is about tone of voice and presentation. It is our ability to connect with people in a personal way that determines whether they will hear us or not. Imagine the implications of that. Whether you’re a CEO, physician, medical staff director, a marketing/advertising executive, an architect, an engineer, a salesperson, a teacher, a lawyer, a professor, a manager, or a politician, it’s the most important single skill for achieving success in life. Our ability to communicate clearly and effectively determines our income. You have knowledge, services and products that everyone needs, make them available through more effective communication and skillful presentations.

You can author in new levels of efficiency, cooperation and commitment. You can provide the inspiration and problem solving abilities that will take you and your organization to a whole new level of success. Get The Power To Persuade. Success truly is a voice driven activity. Call today.

Corporate Voice Services
Complete Voiceover Production Services, IVR and Media production

Whether you need voiceovers, corporate narratives, on hold messaging, or commercials produced, you want professional voices that are natural and inspire confidence at competitive prices. Voice branding is an important point of first contact between businesses and their customers.

We offer a full range of voiceover production services and casting for all of your audio projects. We will cast according to your specs and then send the auditions to you with a variety of talent to choose from. We also offer a wide range of Spanish speaking talent and other ethnic voices suited for all markets. Your projects will have voices that are perfectly suited to your needs.

Whether you’re an advertising agency, a motion graphics company, producing corporate narratives or have other voiceover needs, let us provide the voice talent and production services you need to complete your entire project.

Email us a description of what you need and we will give you a free consultation and a fixed price bid to deliver your finished voice products on time and on budget.